How to make a presentation of your company

The company presentation should be simple, short and memorable.

A memorable presentation has a solid script, visual appeal and zero mistakes. Try to create something 12 to 15 minutes long — something quick encourages investors to ask questions (for which you should have answers).

The presentation should have an introduction, biographies of the team members, an explanation of the problem presented, a solution to it, information on financing and conclusion.


In the introduction is where the company name and logo is usually placed. You can also put the name of the investor you are meeting with to show that you are interested in approaching your partnership proposal.

A summary should also be included describing the sections of the presentation. This helps the investor to know when to ask questions and whether a question has been answered. It also shows that you have prepared well.

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Team biographies

Information about your founders and their stories, including work history, interesting projects, why they are experts in their fields and other relevant points that you want your audience to know

Try to answer the following questions: “what makes this team so qualified to solve this problem?” and “Why that is the best team in the world”.

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Clarify what you are going to solve with your product or service. How many customers have the same problem or demand?

This is where you need to impress investors with your research, answering not only how many customers have this problem, but also which ones are willing to pay to resolve it.

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Here you should clarify what makes your company different from the competition.

Here you enter how many sales you have made or other numbers that may be important to investors in your business sector.

If the business is in the beginning, this information is not available and therefore more time has to be spent talking about the good things about the product.

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Here, investors are shown whether you are responsible with money and how to use it efficiently.

List all your existing capital, tell where it came from and how you invested it, and show when you have it in your bank account at the moment.

Then, tell investors what you will do with the money and how that investment will expand your business, for example, by increasing production or with a new marketing proposal.

It is also good to split your burning rate (how much you spend and at what intervals) and valuation (how much do you think your company is worth). There are free online tools to calculate your company’s valuation.

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The conclusion can be as simple as a “thank you” with a photo of the assembled team.

Instead of listed positions and names, ending with a team photo gives investors the impression that real people are behind your business, working hard to achieve success.

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After organizing the entire presentation, it’s time to prepare and train. Rehearse your presentation in front of the mirror and record videos of yourself.

Practice body language and, with each test, anticipate questions that may be asked by investors. Use intuition to enhance your presentation.

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