Electric vehicle charger is an equipment used to charge the battery of electric cars.

Electric cars have batteries in place of the fuel tank and, instead of filling your car with gallons of fuel (gasoline, alcohol, diesel), you need to connect it to a charging station (electropost) to recharge the…

How an electric motor works?

The motor consists of two elements: a rotary (rotor) and a stationary (stator). When the electric current passes through the motor, the two elements, which have different magnetic fields, repel each other causing the rotation of the rotor inside the stator.

Two types of motors are commonly used in electric…

An easy way to start your accounting tasks is to know the three basic financial reports that can help you assess the financial health of your business.

Balance Sheet

First, we have the Balance Sheet: a picture of the financial health of your business at the end of a certain period. …

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Windows or Linux?

it’s estimated that nearly 70% of servers on the web currently run Linux.

If you think about running a server on Windows web server, you’ll need to pay for a Windows license. …

The company presentation should be simple, short and memorable.

A memorable presentation has a solid script, visual appeal and zero mistakes. Try to create something 12 to 15 minutes long — something quick encourages investors to ask questions (for which you should have answers).

The presentation should have an introduction

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First of all, welcome to everyone, this is my first post on my website(https://www.codeitsez.com) and therefore as the first post I would like to explain to you in a simple and intuitive way how I created and published it for less than 20 $.


First of all you need a…

Diogo Susano Delgado

I am a student of electrical engineering and I think that code should be for everyone.

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